Directions to the Scranton Canoe Club from Scranton

  1. Take the Morgan Highway to the very end. At the stop sign set your trip odometer to 0 and take a left onto Winola Road (RT. 307 North). Continue on 307 North.
  2. At about 2.2 on your trip odometer, make sure your bear right and stay on Route 307 North
  3. At trip odometer 6.6 you will enter Mill City. Continue on 307 North.
  4. At trip odometer 7.9 you will be entering the Lake Winola area. You will pass a Pump and Pantry Citgo gas station and the Lake Winola Beverage. You will soon be able to see the lake on your right
  5. As your odometer reads 9 miles the Post Office will be on the left. Continue very slowly and take a right hand turn onto Frear Lane, it is about 9.3 on your odometer.
  6. Proceed to the stop sign and take a right hand turn onto Dalton Road (go around the cemetery).
  7. As your odometer reads 10 miles you will be taking a right onto Point Road. You will also see a Scranton Canoe Club sign. Take your first left at the end of the post and rail fence and follow the road to the Canoe Club.
  8. The Bag & Cart Barn is a white building on your right just behind a golfing sign and the Club House is a big white building on your left side down on the lake.