Short Layout with Panoramic Views of Lake Winola

The Scranton Canoe Club golf course is located on beautiful Lake Winola. It is a 9 hole executive style course with 3-par 4 and 6-par 3 holes. Each hole offers 2 sets of tees and plays 1,658 yards from the back and 1590 yards from the front. The par 4’s also offer a separate set of tee boxes for the ladies. From narrow, tree lined fairways to fairway and green side bunkers and small, sloped greens, each hole offers a unique set of challenges.

The course is located on a peninsula in the center of Lake Winola and offers panoramic views of the lake and surrounding countryside. This short layout provides for a fun golf experience for golfers of all skill levels. Please take a pictorial tour of the course and review the brief narrative regarding each hole.


Men 57.5
Women 58.7


Men 95
Women 92


Spencer Lunger


Patrick D. Healey, Jr.

The Course

Hole #1 - Par 4

Hole # 1 plays 302 yards from the back and 292 yards from the front tees. The hole is protected by fairways bunkers on both sides. Hit it 200+ yards long and straight and you’ll be looking at a gap or sand wedge to the green. Green side bunkers guard the green to the left. Leave your approach shot above the green and you could be in the bunkers after your next shot.

Hole #2 - Par 3

Hole # 2 can play as short as 86 yards and as long as 107 yards depending on the tee locations for the day. You are hitting to a small, elevated green. Hit it long and you could be stymied by the trees behind the green. If you are left or right, get ready for pitch ping pong unless you have a good short game. This hole gives up the most hole-in-ones on the course but don’t take it lightly. You will do well to walk away with a bogey if you don’t land your tee shot on the green.

Hole #3 – Par 3

Hole # 3 plays around 95 yards from either tee box. The hole plays all uphill and is guarded by a deep, horse shoe shaped bunker that surrounds the entire front side of the green. If you can avoid the bunker, this hole plays as the easiest handicapped hole on the course.

Hole #4 – Par 3

From the easiest to the hardest, Hole # 4 plays 200 yards from the back and 172 yards from the front tees. You want to avoid going left as Point Road runs down the left side and is out of bounds. Hit it short left or right and you could find yourself in a fairway bunker. Hit it long left and you may find yourself in one of 2 green side bunkers. Pin high right of the green leaves you a wedge shot that will challenge your ability to keep the ball out of the left green side bunkers. Your primary objective on this hole is to hit it straight, even if you leave it short. It offers you the best and perhaps only opportunity to make par. Make a par on this hole and you will walk away a happy golfer.

Hole #5 – Par 3

Hole # 5 is another all up-hill par 3 which requires most golfers to go up a club. It’s measured at 115 yards but plays more like 125. The green slopes right to left as well as back toward the tee box. The back of the green is guarded by high mounds. Hit it long and you’ll need a well placed LOB wedge to get the ball back on the green for a par opportunity. Pin high right and you will probably be looking at a long, up-hill putt to save par. When the greens are running fast, a ball landing on the back of the green with a front pin placement will lead to an adventurous putt that may run way past the hole.

Hole #6 – Par 4

Hole # 6 is the 2nd of the 3 par 4’s on the course. The front tees play at 264 yards and the back can go as long as 294 yards. The hole is narrow and tree lined on both sides. The fairway slopes gently from left to right and becomes a factor when determining where to land your tee shot. A fairway bunker is strategically placed at 240 yards to discourage the longer hitters from going for the green. The green also slopes left to right. Hit your approach shot anywhere right of center and you’ll likely have a birdie putt with a bottom pin or be struggling to make par with a top pin placement.

Hole #7 – Par 3

Hole # 7 plays 157 yards from the back tees and anywhere from 115 – 135 yards from the front. This hole plays downhill to a blind green. Trees line the left side of the fairway and a big ‘ole oak tree on the right side will occasionally get in the way of your tee shot. There is a 2-3’ slope immediately in front of the green that can wreak havoc on an otherwise good golf shot. On the green, the golfer will find there are breaks on putts that just don’t look like they are there.

Hole #8 – Par 3

Hole # 8 is 2nd hardest handicapped par 3 on the course. The hole is all up-hill and the 150 yard distance will play more like 165. Left is either in the trees or out-of-bounds. That big ‘ole oak tree that is a factor on #7 also comes into play on #8. The green slopes gently right to left. A tee shot left on the right side requires a delicate chip shot or the golfer can find themselves off the green and down the bank, once again chipping back on. Par on this hole is quite an accomplishment.

Hole #9 – Par 4

Hole # 9 is the 3rd and most challenging of the par 4’s on the course. Playing at 300+ yards, it dog legs right and is tree lined on both sides for the first 175 yards. Hit it straight 175+ yards and you’ve taken the trees out of play. If you are lucky or good enough to get by tree lines, the next concern is the fairway bunkers on both the left and right sides. If still in play, you’ve left yourself with a gap or sand wedge to the green. Of course you’ll have to contend with the bunker fronting the middle third of the green as well as the green side bunker to the left. Be careful not to go long. The green slopes from back to front and a chip shot from over the green may end up in the front feathers. Leave it right and you’ll be hitting a lob wedge over a steep bank to a hole location that you probably won’t see.

There you have it! Think it’s an easy 9 hole course? Contact a board member or an active club member and come play a round. We think you’ll enjoy the experience and we know you’ll change your mind about the challenges of this course.